Why should I switch to Xero?

If you’ve been following along lately, you’ve discovered that I love Xero.  I switched my personal and professional finances to it.  However, if you are happy with your current bookkeeping software, you have no trouble working with your accountant at tax time, and your bookkeeper (if any) can get access without obstacles, there is no need to change.  If that is not the case, there are some great reasons to switch.

First, for me, is the collaborative environment at no extra cost.  Those of you using other cloud accounting programs know that you often have to pay by user.  You can get around that by everyone using the same ID, but that eliminates accountability and makes access more difficult.  With Xero, you can assign as many users as you like, each one only having access to exactly what he/she needs to see.  Your accountant can get access any old time to do quarterly taxes, review your status and make suggestions.  Everyone can work as a team.

The automated daily bank feeds are great.  No remembering to download transactions and you always know which transactions have cleared and what is pending.  Xero is pretty smart about suggesting matching transactions too!

The invoicing is fast.  In my last post I relayed that it cut my invoicing time by half.  Part of the problem for me previously is that some clients need a Virtual Technique invoice and some need a Graphic Technique invoice — its all the same company.  That had to be done manually with each invoice as it was created.  More than a few times I sent a client the wrong invoice template.  With Xero you can set a default invoice type so you don’t have to think about it.  You can change it during the invoice process if you like.  Also, Xero seamlessly integrates with PayPal and there is no additional work.  Clients can pay right from their invoice or the email that delivered it without any thought on your part.  Did I mention that client’s can check their balances and see their invoices and statements at any time as well?

Xero is cloud based.  You can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection.  No more waiting until you get home to enter transactions or prepare an invoice.  There are mobile apps as well.  Xero also updates its software every six weeks to keep pace with changing technology and user requests for features.

A few other little reasons — the dashboard gives you a quick overall financial situation.  There are no up-front costs (and if you work with a Xero partner you can usually get up to two months free), there is no software to install, and support is not extra as with other financial software.