Virtual Technique Services

We work with the software packages you are already comfortable with, but we especially love Xero. With cloud accounting, you can access your books and data from anywhere.

Deposit/Revenue Reconciliation

Accurately accounting for revenue is paramount in business, but let’s also make sure that we account for the funds you’ve put into your business.

Get Paid!

We can help you improve your cash flow by making it easier for your customers to pay you and politely and timely remind those who haven’t yet paid. Tracking how you get paid shows how effective your payment methods are and gives you insights to improvement.

Documents & Backup

Never hunt for documents again with secure online document management and retrieval. Always be ready!

Where does your money come from?

Reconciling bank records on a daily/weekly basis let’s you know which transactions have cleared and which are your best customers, products and income streams in nearly real time.


Reports are needed for taxes, financing, planning, judging performance and just plain curiosity! We will provide you with reports on a schedule that suits you so you can hit all of those goals.

Expense Management

Knowing where you money is going is the key to good reporting, preparing your taxes, and watching the bottom line. With Virtual Technique you’ll have the tools you need to track all of your expenses – and document them too!


Store your receipts online and eliminate the paper avalanche. Virtual Technique will expense each receipt in your accounting software and make sure it ties back to your bank and credit card statements.

Online Document Management

Access your business records, anytime, anywhere.

Bill Payment

Paying the bills is a major part of managing a business – and a major time suck! Virtual Technique uses cloud accounting and online bill payment tools to track, record, report and if you want, make payment to your vendors. All while saving you time and hassle.

Always know what’s next

Tracking who to pay and when is time consuming and tedious. Upload your bills, email them in or send a picture and we’ll schedule them to be paid on time. But you have control – log-in and approve payment, we’ll do the rest.

Payroll services

Payroll has a lot to track. You have to pay your employees (and the appropriate taxing authorities) the right amount at the right time. Virtual Technique will set up your payroll software and reconcile each run with your bank records. We can even help you with timekeeping, direct deposit and employee reimbursements. Ask us about employee benefits too!

Bank Reconciliation

With cloud accounting and daily bank feeds, your transactions are automatically matched to your bank records.

Invoicing and Quotes

Customize your invoices and Quotes to reflect your brand. Track when an invoice is viewed and encourage on-time payments. You can even link with other Xero users to automatically enter bills and invoices with your customers and vendors.

Cloud Accounting

Access Xero anywhere online or via the mobile app. You’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

Accountant Reporting

Send your accountant reports anytime and be proactive instead of reactive!


Create your own custom business eco-system with add-ons for everything from contact management to point of sale so everything works together.

Rachel is great! She is easy to communicate with handles the job with integrity, loyalty and gets things done with deadlines. Bonus with Rachel....she can be all business but have a great sense of humor and roll with the punches if something difficult comes her way.

~ Linda D. – Customer Discovery, LLC

Don’t Let Your Business Run You!

Virtual Technique can help you get back to the business of running your business.