Frequently Asked Questions….


What time zone are you in?

We are Eastern time.


What are your hours?

We are generally in the office from 10 am to 5pm, often earlier and later too.


How do you bill?

Except in special circumstances, we bill a flat monthly fee for bookkeeping services. We find this helps our clients with their budgeting by eliminating high invoices during peak times. It also encourages communication because clients are worrying that they will be charged for every email and telephone call.


I want to have a free consultation with you. What does that involve?

We’ll discuss your business, your bank accounts, how you work and how you’ve been managing your bookkeeping up to now. The consultation will take anywhere from a half hour to an hour (we really like to talk about bookkeeping). After your consultation you will receive a written quote for your monthly bookkeeping needs.


I’m ready to work with you, what’s next?

We’ll send you an engagement letter that outlines our working relationship. Its executed entirely online, so there’s nothing to print out, fax or mail.


How do we get started?

You’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to provide access to in the information we need, access to your business’s slack channel to privately communicate with us and other pertinent information to get started. We use LastPass to securely send sensitive information. If you don’t already have a free account, you can sign up at


I have documents I want to send to you, what’s the best way to do that?

You can send them by email, but since we work with sensitive banking and bookkeeping information, we prefer a more secure channel. You will be provided with Hubdoc email address that is exclusively for your use. We can then either store the documents or push them to your bookkeeping software for matching with banking transactions.


How can I send you receipts and bills?

You can send them into Hubdoc through your business’s Hubdoc email. However for many bills we can fetch them for you online and store them.


What about tax time?

We recommend that you provide us with your accountant’s name, phone number and email address as soon as we start our working relationship. If you don’t have an accountant, we can help you find one. We will contact him/her and introduce ourselves. We will ask what reports and documentation the accountant needs, how often and the deadlines so that we can provide him/her what they need in a timely manner.


I messed something up! What do I do?

First, don’t stress about it. Just about everything is fixable. Send us an email or a IM on Slack as soon as you notice isn’t right or know that there was a mistake. Tell us what you were doing, what you were trying to do and the dates of the items. If we need more information we’ll ask. We’ll take it from there.


I need to talk, how can I get in touch with you?

The best way to talk is schedule a telephone call so that we can have all your information up and ready at our fingertips. Send an email or an IM on your Slack channel with some times that are available on your calendar and what you need to discuss. Of course, if there is an emergency you should call right away. Our telephone number is 678-552-2346, x 502.


I had to change my passwords, what now?

Send a quick email or IM letting us know and re-share your passwords through LastPass with the updated information.


I opened a new account, what now?

Send us an email letting us know about the new account and its purpose. Share the pertinent online banking information (if any) via LastPass. Once we have that information, we’ll get it all connected. If we need additional information, we’ll ask.


Will opening a new account cost me more for my bookkeeping?

Probably not, but if you add a lot of accounts, integrations or other additional work over the course of the year, your rate may go up.


When will I receive my bills from you?

Billing is done on the last or second to last day of the month for the work done in that month (referred to as billing in arrears). The bill is due within 5 days.

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