Hiring a VA…

I want to hire a VA, but how do I go about it?

One way to find a good VA is to check with Expert VA Training at http://expertvatraining.com/find-an-expert-assistant. Each Virtual Assistant listed there has successfully completed extensive training. They have specialized skills in their areas of expertise. They are ready to take the administrative, technical or writing projects off your plate so you can focus on the income producing aspects of your business.

Things to consider when hiring a VA are:

What can I expect to pay a VA?

Virtual Assistance is not the type of service you want to shop solely by price. Certainly, we all are interested in getting the best value we can. You will find Virtual Assistants who charge very little—so little, in fact, that they can’t possibly be running a profitable, sustainable practice, one that’s going to be around long enough for you to depend on. Inappropriately low rates also signal a lack of business sense, which most often translates to poor quality, and lack of skill and experience. The consequence of hiring a Virtual Assistant who falls in this category is that your investment in her is unstable.

Typical rates are between $40 and $60 per hour depending on service, length of contract, expertise required and relationship with the VA. We all tend to give our long time clients better deals. You should also ask if your VA offers per project rates. It is wise to ask if she charges  overtime for after-hours or holiday work if you often need services during non-typical times.  VA’s are usually 1099 contractors, so the VA is responsible for any taxes which makes your bookkeeping much easier (and cheaper)!’


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