These are resources I recommend for busy business owners and entrepreneurs.  I use or have used each in my own business and recommended them to my clients.

Graphic Technique

Graphic Technique is a sister business unit to Virtual Technique manned by Rachel Frishe’s husband Chris.  He specializes in website design and development in WordPress, though he also excels in print collateral, logo design and trade show booth art.   They often work in together on client projects and websites to smooth the way and make launch as efficient as possible.


This is actually a recommendation from Chris.  He prefers BlueHost for WordPress websites. Through experience he has found them to be the most user friendly — even for the layperson — with the best “uptime.”  We liked them so much, we became an Affiliate.

Checks For Less

Buying checks from your bank is just expensive and many places require the customer to purchase way too many checks to be useful.  While we still need them occasionally, so much is electronic, why purchase more than you need.  Not only is Checks for Less reasonable, you don’t have to make a large purchase to get reasonable prices.  We use them for our business and recommend them to our clients.  Again, we liked them enough to become an Affiliate.

  Small Business Virtual Phone Service

One of the challenges with small business is managing communications. is a virtual phone system that works with your existing home or cellular phone so that you can keep your business and personal calls separate without investing in more equipment.  You can even have a fax number that sends all your faxes to your email address!

We can make many more recommendations for low-cost ways to streamline your business and improve efficiency.  Contact us to schedule a free 20 minute telephone consultation.