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Andrew W., Jeff Smith Consulting, LLC

Rachel is a trusted, reliable and service-oriented Virtual Assistant. She performs a wide range of monthly, weekly, daily and ad hoc services for us, including handling all of our funds and payroll, managing QuickBooks, making travel and meeting reservations, answering phone calls and emails, and much more. She’s always willing to dip into her deep bank of experience and knowledge to perform non-standard tasks (e.g. SEO research, affiliate approval) or to learn something new. Her background as a paralegal has also been useful in setting up LLCs and handling a myriad of other legal-related tasks. I’m always confident when I call on Rachel that the requests will be fulfilled consistently and with purpose and pride.


Todd K., ToddJob Consulting, LLC

Rachel has consistently given great service. I would highly recommend her to anyone. No matter how simple or challenging the task she always comes through. Even though her expertise is very versatile, she’s an eager learner of new skills which has been critical in saving me hours of my time and more often than not is more affective and efficient than I would have been.


Linda D., Customer Discovery, LLC

Rachel is great! She is easy to communicate with handles the job with integrity, loyalty and gets things done with deadlines. Bonus with Rachel….she can be all business but have a great sense of humor and roll with the punches if something difficult comes her way. Definitely would love to work with her again in the future.

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