A Five Step Plan for Dumping Your Bank

From Daily Finance: http://t.co/QjTDmp15

What is the best bank for me?

As VA I have a lot of experience with banks.  Small banks, big banks, local banks, national banks and I have to say, not all of them are created equal.  Pretty much all of them have online bill pay now, so that shouldn’t be a big draw if you are considering changing banks or opening

What information does my bookkeeper need to be efficient and effective?

In reality, providing information your bookkeeper shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming.  A little planning goes a long way. First, she will need access to your bank accounts.  If she isn’t a full charge bookkeeper, read only access is fine.  Read only access means she can see everything but she can make no changes.  This

Why Web Developers Should Hire a Bookkeeper

As a web developer or designer, you are likely pretty technologically savvy as well as being fairly business minded.  You can definitely handle doing your own bookkeeping and would rather not pay someone to do something you could very easily do yourself.  I think a bookkeeper is a better bet. Penny-wise and Pound foolish How

What’s the difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting? Isn’t it the same thing?

Absolutely not!  While they are related, they are not the same thing.  Your accountant can do your bookkeeping, but a bookkeeper that isn’t a CPA should not do your accounting.  In general, an accountant prepares your books for external review.  External review can be anything from your taxes (the IRS is definitely an external force)

What good is a business plan? I know my business.

As I tell my clients, not having a business plan is rather like going on vacation to Disney Land with no idea when you will go, how you will get there, how you will pay for it or where you will stay once you get there.  You might get there anyway, but you will likely

Liquid Assets

Resources that can be converted to cash in a relatively short period.


The financial resources in the form of coins and currency, bank deposits and short-term investments that can be converted easily into currency and that can be used to pay for resources and obligations of a business.

Operating Profit Margin

The ratio of operating income (sales revenue less operating expenses) to sales revenue.

Getting Paid with Xero

The best part of an accounting/bookkeeping system is seeing the money come in.  No matter how much you might dislike bookkeeping, that part is at least a bit enjoyable.   What isn’t fun is gathering the payment information from all the various sources.  Xero has a couple of solutions for that. First, Xero connects seamlessly with